Taking time to catch up with family and friends

In our “New Normal” take time to catch up with family and friends.

Staying connected is essential for all of us for our wellbeing and is a fundamental human need. It’s a real boost to our energy and positivity when we’re down or lonely. This has never been as true as now in these most unusual of times.

The global Covid pandemic has been with us all for nearly a year now and lockdown life has been a “New Normal” all across the UK and indeed right around the world. It’s proving to be a much more difficult experience for some than for others and a challenge that is massively dependent on individual circumstances. Families have never been so apart physically with contact being so limited and relationships so challenged.

Undoubtedly technology is playing a huge part in our ability to connect in these periods of lockdown and isolation. In the new normal; innovative new solutions have evolved and are helping us all to energise as human connections as normally as we can. Over the past ten years technological advancements have been amazing and indeed had the current pandemic happened just ten years ago life would be even more difficult for many people.

Video calling is more popular than ever during lockdown and there is a reason for it. Seeing someone’s face when speaking to them makes the exchange feel more natural and engaging.

Important new video communication innovations such as Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and Houseparty, are making remote contact simple, fun, and engaging and undoubtedly have brought people closer reducing loneliness, isolation, and depression in this most unique of eras.

  • Zoom has quickly become used by hundreds of thousands of people to stay in touch with their loved ones allowing free one-on-one video meetings for two or more people for up to forty minutes.
  • Skype can accommodate up to 50 people at a time. You can make a video call without downloading its software; you just need a friend or family member who does have it. Ask your friend or family member to send you an invite to a Skype video call.
  • If you have an iPhone, iPad or iMac, you can video call using FaceTime which comes pre-installed on all of these devices. However, it only works on Apple devices, so your friend or relative must be using an iPhone, iPad or Mac too.
  • Houseparty allows friends and families to stay in contact, and to play games together.

So the UK may be on lockdown and keeping us all away from family and friends – but there’s no reason why we can’t stay connected online.

From birthday and anniversary celebrations to virtual house parties, from online games and to quizzes, from training sessions and Pilates classes, from Wine Tastings to “Cookalongs”, people are finding more and more innovative ways of linking up and enjoying life despite the restrictions. Indeed it’s quite amazing how it’s all caught on right across the age groups – from babies to oldies – even 80, 90, and in the case of the sadly deceased National Hero – Captain Tom – 100 year olds.

It’s not always all about video though just a simple telephone call or text message is enough to boost a connection and significantly brighten someone’s dark day.

We are living in unique times where spending most of the time at home is the new normal. Without being able to link up face to face staying connected is taking more effort than usual, and that what’s important, we should all make the effort, to get and to keep in touch, both for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those we care about.


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